Frequently Asked Questions

For press

  • How does the accreditation for journalists work? +

    Accreditation for INTERBRIDE can take place conveniently online. You can find information about this on the page Registration / Press ( coming soon )

  • How do I know which brand manufacturers are exhibiting at the exhibition? +

    On our website, you can find an exhibitor directory which also provides individual background information about the exhibitors. exhibitor directory

  • Whom can I contact with regard to interview enquiries or permission to film? +

    Please contact our press contacts with your media enquiries: Melanie Syring and Daniela Wittig E-Mail:

    Or fill out this Filming permit application .

  • What press materials are there about INTERBRIDE? +

    We offer you the following press materials to download:
    - Fact sheet on INTERBRIDE
    - General press release on INTERBRIDE
    You can find all the latest information on the website at Press

    For any other enquiry, please contact our press contacts: Melanie Syring and Daniela Wittig E-Mail:

  • How do I get to Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre? +

    You can find information relating to your journey by car, bus, train, aeroplane or taxi on our website. Follow this link: arrival

  • Whom can I contact during the exhibition? +

    So that we can coordinate all the press events as requested, please get in touch with our press contact in advance of the exhibition. Melanie Syring and Daniela Wittig

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