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The fashion metropolis with flair

Düsseldorf has been one of Germany’s most important fashion cities for nearly seven decades. In fact, the city on the Rhine has been a popular backdrop for fashion events of all kinds since 1949.

Because in March of the same year, the fashion enthusiasts who started Igedo (“Interessengemeinschaft Damenoberbekleidung” – Interest Group of Women’s Outerwear”) put on the first street fashion show. Since then, Idego has organized fashion events which are unparalleled worldwide.

Thus, the trend was set for Düsseldorf to become the international trade fair center that it is today. And yes, the city is one of the most attractive trade fair sites of all.

Due to the various fashion events, Düsseldorf is a strong magnet for designers, fashion creators and creative dress makers. So, it comes as no surprise that numerous labels and brands have businesses on the Königsallee and in all the little alleys and streets.

Interbride – at Düsseldorf from the start

  • easily accessible with by plane, car and public transport
  • the perfect all-round flair for fashion and trends
  • a pleasant environment with a beautiful historical center, modern architecture and cultural sites – something for everybody.

For further information on the location: 

Rauschenbachstrasse 10 
D-95028 Hof 

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