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How to bridal couples do their research these days?

They mainly use the internet for their research. However, the traditional advertising channels and word of mouth marketing continue to play a role.

Which online channels work particularly well?

Instagram and Pinterest are primarily referred to for inspiration. Google and online platforms are used to actually look for specific wedding industry service providers. Particularly online platforms are used specifically to actually plan the wedding.

Which messages are the most suitable for reaching bridal couples online?

That depends on the media type. Pinterest and Instagram work through super image photos that arrest their attention. Google is a research tool. Via Google MyBusiness, you can enhance your image through positive customer reviews. Wedding portals share consolidated information with couples about service providers and anything else related to their wedding and help them to plan the day, for example with features such as online wedding gift lists.

Does the company's own homepage still play a role?

Most definitely. It has to look visually appealing and clearly illustrate the portfolio. Bridal couples can then see immediately whether they like the service provider, and whether their products or services are what they are looking for. What is important is that the website is optimised for search engines to ensure that it turns up in the first results. The homepage should also be optimised for mobile phones, because an increasing number of people now use only their smartphones for research.

Thank you very much for the interview.

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