Vakbeurs voor bruidsmode, mode voor bruidegom en gelegenheidskleding

Bridegroom fashion trends in 2021

What will bridegrooms be wearing next year? We talked about this to Stefanie Denk from Club of Gents and the designer of the Portuguese manufacturer Torre. Both take it for granted that the trend towards casual looks will continue. "There will be plenty of linen textures and cotton blend fabrics again. An absolute must-have is a three-piece suit, although double-breasted waistcoats are also trendy. Getting married without a waistcoat is almost a taboo," believes senior brand manager Stefanie Denk from Club of Gents. At Torre, they believe that we will see a revival of the "old school style", albeit not the classic cuts but designs with larger collars, slim fit silhouettes and unusual colour contrasts. They also concur that a casual look, reflected above all by the choice of lighter fabrics, will become increasingly popular.

Rising star accessory

Stefanie Denk reckons that accessories for men are becoming more important. Whether a flat cap that matches the waistcoat, a bow tie made from the same upper fabric as the suit and waistcoat, the cool look is definitely trendy. It should also be flexible and adaptable. "A shirt with a removable collar for the party after the wedding ceremony or espadrilles made from a fabric that matches the suit make the outfit versatile, and suitable for the formal part of the wedding as well as the party afterwards," says Denk. Torre also believes that there will be numerous innovations on the market. Accessories will increasingly be used to accentuate the bridegroom's personality, reckons the designer of the Portuguese manufacturer Torre.

Formal or bow tie?

What is the latest neckwear trend? Formal and bow ties have always competed with each other. For Stefanie Denk, the trend is clearly moving towards a bow tie that matches the waistcoat. At Torre, they believe that a formal tie is still the most popular choice, although they also see a completely different development. "Many bridegrooms now eschew both and choose a decorative piece of jewellery instead. An elegant, modern look can also be created with a white shirt and masculine jewellery. Elegance always depends on the context," says the designer of the Portuguese manufacturer Torre.

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