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Taking off on Instagram. This is how it works.

More than a billion people actively used Instagram last year, of these more than 500 million on a daily basis. In the fashion industry, the platform has proved to be an effective marketing tool for some time now. There the decisions are made about what is trending and what is being bought. Today we’re going to show you how to create a profile for your business in a few easy steps.

1.     How can I register?

In order to register your business on Instagram, you need an email address and a Facebook account. You can download the Android or Apple version of Instagram from the App store.  Open the App and enter your email address under the menu item “Register” or register via your Facebook account. Then you can enter personal data, choose a username and add a profile picture under “Edit profile”. At this stage, it’s still a private account, which you only convert in the next step.   

2.     How do I set up a business account?

With a business account you can obviously share a lot more information and followers have the option to contact you directly. In addition, you’ll receive valuable statistics regarding your account. In order to set it up, click the menu item “Switch to business account” in settings. Now you can upload your logo, determine your business category and enter your company address with phone number and email address. Finally, the account must be linked to your Facebook account. Then click on “Done”.

3.     What is published?

You can personally decide whether your contact information should be shown on the public business profile. This is always a good idea for B2C retailers. To make it visible to the public, click on “Edit profile” and then on “Public company details”. There you can chose which information you want to publicise. Then confirm by clicking “Done”. That’s it. The settings can be changed at any time. 

In our next Newsletter you’ll find out how to create Instagram posts for your business.

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